The Dragon


As I begin looking at my calendar and prepare for my June trip to Seattle, I suddenly remembered my last trip there. More specifically, my visit to Bruce Lee’s grave.

Like every martial artist, a lot of what influenced my decision at an early age to get involved in the martial arts were action movies. High spinning crescent kicks, jumping flying punches- all came together to create spectacular fight scenes and, ultimately, influenced me as a young boy to get into martial arts. And I’m certain many of you as well.
Out of all these martial arts films, of course, none of them can compete with Bruce Lee. I remember growing up to classics like Enter the Dragon and although it was generations before me, I long admired Bruce Lee.
The fight scenes in movies were what put him on the map. However, as I grew up, both into adulthood and as a martial artist, I came to appreciate more of his contributions as embodied in the Jeet Kune Do philosophy.

And it was for this reason that as soon as I got off the plane in Seattle, I made my way to pay homage to the Dragon.
It was truly a humbling experience being there and paying my respects to the man who influenced countless generations of martial artists’ path.
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